There are always alternatives in dentistry.  The alternatives, however depend upon how many natural teeth you have left.

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If you have no natural teeth you have two options:  

If you have teeth present you also may have several options:


If you have not yet lost your teeth, but many of your teeth are broken down, it is often possible to utilize the broken teeth as though they were dental implants.  Dentures could then be made that fit over these teeth.  These are called overdentures.   The advantage of saving these teeth is that they can help prevent the jaw bone from dissolving away while providing a more solid foundation for the dentures.  Small ball shaped attachments can be placed in these teeth and the denture can be snapped into place.  This option is usually close to 1/2 the cost of dental implants.  Fluoride must be used in the overdenture to keep the teeth from decaying.   Click here if you would like to see a before and after picture.


When considering your options it is best to consult with your general dentist or a prosthodontist before making any decision.

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